The Board of Refractive Surgery

The Board of Refractive Surgery

The WCRS is the only worldwide organization that will offer global credentialing in the specialty of Refractive Surgery with recognition for meeting the highest standards of professional practice in our specialty.

The operational goals of the WCRS are to establish Refractive Surgery as a standalone specialty in medicine through oversight of a carefully vetted process of verified mastering of an internationally recognized set-standard curriculum of education and training in Refractive Surgery.

The WCRS will provide accreditation of programs, fellowships, and facilities as well as certification and international certification in Refractive Surgery.

Credentialing Basics of Refractive Surgery

Credentialing in the Healthcare space is a formal process that utilizes an established series of guidelines to ensure patients receive the highest level of care, training, and service from healthcare professionals, programs, and facilities that have undergone stringent scrutiny regarding their ability to do business, operate or practice the field of medicine and surgery.

Education and facilities are credentialed to assure the quality of learning or for the consideration of patients’ welfare. Credentialing assures the patient that they are being treated by individuals, providers, and clinics whose professional qualifications, education, training, license, and/or ability to practice medicine in a defined discipline or specialty are acceptable. Credentialing ensures that all healthcare workers are held to the same standard.

The WCRS Board will provide a recognized standard for qualifications in Refractive Surgery through an authoritative credentialing process of:

1) Oversight of a carefully vetted program for verified mastering of an internationally-recognized set-standard curriculum in Refractive Surgery.

2) Establishing accreditation standards for teaching programs, fellowships, organizations, and facilities worldwide.

3) Providing international certification in refractive surgery through verification of set requirements for surgical and medical experience in the field of Refractive Surgery and successfully passing a standardized Board Examination for Refractive Surgery.


The Board of Directors consists of up to 12 Members and provides oversight of the World College of Refractive Surgery
& Visual Sciences, monitors financial reports, ensures that the Public Benefit Corporation reports are submitted in a complete
and timely manner in compliance with applicable regulations and statutes, and selects the Chief Operating Officer.

Arthur B. Cummings


Charles Williamson


Osama Ibrahim


Dan Z. Reinstein


Francesco Carones


Ik Hee Ryu


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