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The WCRS redefines education and training in Refractive Surgery through a framework that can systematically link, collate and organize new and present educational information and programs to bring organization and added value innovation to the field of Refractive Surgery by credentialing non-refractive surgeons through accreditation and certification.

Refractive Surgery is an interdisciplinary specialty. The WCRS recognizes that cooperation and collaboration with these groups are absolutely necessary as a basis for operating in the healthcare space for Refractive Surgery and the Visual Sciences.

A certificate program can provide special credentialing for certain aspects of specialized training such as SMILE, presbyopia, Corneal Inlays, etc. Certificate programs can also be offered in business programs such as Physician CEO.

This is a form of credential in that certificate programs educate individuals in one particular aspect of Refractive Surgery and supplement an individual’s prior education to either add another area of expertise, broaden their practice, or gain knowledge in the field of Refractive Surgery.

Usually, the program is an intensive course or courses that supply a certificate of completion after passing an assessment or an exam to ensure the required knowledge was learned.

Once the certificate of completion is issued they are credentialed through the Certificate Program with recognition for attendance of an Associate Program of the WCRS in the specific topic presented.

Collaborative ODs, Visual Scientists, Nurses, or technicians are credentialed as Associate Members of the WCRS by active participation in the Certificate Program and yearly MOC.

[*Maintenance of Certification (MOC) requires active membership in the WCRS and continued MOC (Maintenance of Certification) with documentation of 15 hours of CME/year in WCRS-Accredited education in Refractive Surgery].


November 28, 2022

Is It Time for Refractive Surgery to Become Its Own Specialty?

With decades of history, some would argue refractive surgery deserves its own field. The concept proposed in this article may come across as radical, but, when you consider my reasoning, I think that you can find some sense in its proposition. This article is based on a talk I gave in June at the American-European […]

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October 28, 2022

Better safety awareness, industry-wide standards important for field of refractive surgery

Looking at accidents when they occur, analyzing and understanding them, and incorporating them into system designs are key for improving the refractive surgery field, according to a speaker here.

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